PLATO Empire source?

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Wed Jun 24 12:22:32 CDT 2015

> The 0 prefix in the lesson name indicates a ¿published lesson¿ ¿ which means$

Ah!  Thank you.  I knew it had some semantic significance but I didn't
really know what.  I'm quite sure the version I played was called
0empire and thus would have been such a frozen version.  (I wonder if
either of the lessons I wrote still exist anywhere....)

> As for PLATO simulation, there is one, which John mentions (cyber1).  That $

I might be tempted, except that it requires agreeing to California
legal jurisdiction, which as someone outside the USA I would have to be
completely rocks-for-brains to do - and you say it wouldn't get me
access to the code anyway.  (Plus, it looks as though getting pterm to
build for me would involve quite a lot of wading in with a machete.
_Playing_ Empire tempts me, but not nearly enough to override the legal
jurisdiction issue.)

> That said, the copies of empire on that system (there¿s a 0empire and an emp$

Well, if anyone has enough access to John Daleske to find out what the
current status of the code is, and, if it _is_ available, where it's
available from, I'd be most interested.

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