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Sun Jun 28 02:21:09 CDT 2015

Well, hopefully  things  will end  well and things   will find the highest 
and  best  use.
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Yeah, I  figured something like this would have happened eventually; running
a  computer museum is pretty far out of Goodwill's charter. That is  what
happens when you give your old stuff to Goodwill; they sell it.  Hopefully
some of the cooler stuff gets back to the original owner, and  there's
always the proverbial "guy with deep pockets" but I would be  disappointed
had I been a donor or volunteer. It's sort of disappointing to  see how the
whole thing was handled.



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>  maybe  someone  has a  copy on disc
> if  so lets  get it
> thrift shop =  computer museum?
>  >>????
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> On  6/26/2015 11:46 PM, Pontus Pihlgren  wrote:
> > I had a private  conversation with Stephen(who  started the
> > nekochan thread) and he said  that some things  have gone back to
> > donors and that they will keep some   select items. The 8/s is one
> > of the machines that they are   keeping.
> >
> > I get the imprwssion that it's a rather  controlled  an
> > responsible shutdown.
> >
>  > /P
> If they are retaining  the PDP 8/S they just dumped the  original history
> of the restoration in  the auction I  posted.  not so good.
> I would be open to  suggestions  that his is not a unique artifact, given
> the  appearance of the  cover.  But that speculation is contradicted  by
> the fact that the  pages are all in individual slip  covers.  Again if the
> 8/s went  somewhere this should have  gone with  it.
> thanks
>  Jim

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