Cray J932SE system for sale

ethan at ethan at
Mon Jun 29 10:51:17 CDT 2015

Hello everyone!

I have a J932SE system I am interested in selling.

It has 32 CPUs and if I remember correctly 2 megawords of memory.

IOS-V chassis (4x VME sparcstations that network boot from Sun 
Sparcstation 5 SWS that provide io path to disks.)

4x 9GB hard drives. Seagate full height with Cray firmware. The chassis 
exist for 24 hard drives.

I have Unicos and Not original media.

I've gotten it to the point where the SWS side comes up (those run 
VxWorks) then Unicos starts to boot for install then kernel panics. I 
haven't had a ton of time to troubleshoot it. System was located in a 
hackerspace in Norfolk where there was needed power but went back into 
climate controlled storage after we lost the space.

The CPU rack is around 6' deep and 23" wide internally. Has 5 x 5000 watt 
Pioneer Magnetics power supplies. Uses two 30 amp 220v feeds.

The Disk/IOS rack is shallower (Same depth as the smaller J916 system) and 
19" wide internally. Uses a single 220v 30 amp feed.

It is the peak of my computer collecting hobby, but younger generation 
screwed out of housing opportunities so owning stuff like this is hard 
when you rent and get bumped around. So looking to find it a new home and 
stick with the plastic computers.

Note, it probably need to be on a concrete floor. It weighs 2000+ pounds.
Movable with a penske truck with liftgate by removing all of the boards.

Looking for around $9000. Located in Norfolk Virginia. I relocated to a 
better area so pick up would have to be on weekends, I can drive down to 
facilitate purchase.

Always stored in climate controlled storage.

A much better deal when compared by weight to the Altair, IMSAI 
and Apple I systems. ;-)

Rare opportunity to pick up a rare system!


Ethan O'Toole

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