Front Panels Update - Lexan and 8/e round hole positions

rod rodsmallwood52 at
Sun Nov 1 06:10:42 CST 2015

Hi Guys,
             I got asked if we could do Lexan panels. I think it was for DG.
Yes my supplier does Lexan and can laser cut holes etc.

So  if you need Lexan panels let me know.

The next batch of 8/e A & B will have the hole for the selector switch 
and  the one  for the lock pre-drilled.
We need to come up with an agreement as to the positions of said holes

Can we get the coordinates and sizes of the holes from existing panels 
using identifiable  reference points.
The more I get the closer it will be. I'm hoping they won't vary and  we 
can  go ahead.

Please send  me any data for existing panels you may have.

Rod (PanelMan) Smallwood

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