KIM Uno /PiDP-11 plans...

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun Nov 1 09:21:02 CST 2015

    > I've ordered 10 7101J50-CQE2's from Online ... _Iff_ they fit into the
    > old front panels, I'll let the list know.
    > ...
    > let's see if the 7101J50-C's fit, then we can discuss how to proceed.

So the switches got here Friday, and alas, they are _not quite_ the right

They are very close, however - they have the bent face-plate, with the latch,
and the triangular side plates with the holes at the tips for the pivots of
the toggle (actuator, is I guess the formal name). They are also the same
size (facing them - i.e. side-side, both directions).

The only thing that's wrong is that the distance between the switch body, and
the top of the bent face-plate, is too far. This, alas, means not only that
it won't fit into existing holder frames on front consoles, but they also
interfere with the installation of the DEC custom toggles (actuators).

However, they are _so close_ that it's possible that C+K can produce some
semi-custom ones with the right distance. (I've had a good look through the
C+K 7000 series catalog, and all of the current snap-in panel ones have the
taller offset.) Maybe they even still have the tooling, and it's only a
special order.

Anyway, I will call C+K on Monday, and see what I can find out.


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