SCA drives - any interest?

Mike Stein mhs.stein at
Mon Nov 2 10:54:57 CST 2015

Thanks everyone for your feedback.

Since there may be sensitive data on them I have to either securely wipe them or 
destroy them; I did just find a couple of Proliant servers that somehow escaped 
my purge though, so wiping them may not be as big a PITA as I feared.

Looks like most (~10) are 18.5GB 10KRPM 160 MB/s Ultra3 units, 4 or 5 146GB 
Ultra320s and a few in between.

In case anyone is looking for the 'caddies' it looks like they're mostly 
HP/Compaq, including several dummies; I scrapped more IBM servers than HP, but 
to my surprise I only found two IBM units.

I've noted the folks who expressed interest and I'll post again if/when I decide 
to test & wipe them; thanks again!


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> Just asking: Any interest in 80-pin SCA drives, Ultra 3 and Ultra320 in 
> various capacities, both IBM and HP/Compaq 'caddies' ?
> m

I don't need any, but if anyone can get their hands on JBOD boxes that use 
these, they're fantastic drives.

I was lucky enough to get several Andataco 3-Drive JBOD boxes (I passed on the 
7-drive units as to big, heavy, noisy, and power hungry).  These are great for 
OpenVMS/Alpha and Sun systems, and provide a cheap way to get decent sized SCSI 
drives, as most people can't use them.  I had a couple of the 3-Drive units and 
a DEC BA350 shelf running in our dining room for several years (the BA350 was on 
a VAX).

My most recent score was some brand new 300GB SCA drives. :-)  They'll allow me 
to take my Alpha down to two HD's and drastically shrink its power requirements.


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