PDP11 switches / was Re: KIM Uno /PiDP-11 plans...

rod rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Sun Nov 1 16:20:04 CST 2015

Thanks for your efforts. They seem to be PDP11 types.
Has anybody had any luck with PDP -8 switches.
Has 3D printing been considered.?


On 01/11/15 22:12, Brent Hilpert wrote:
> On 2015-Nov-01, at 7:21 AM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>>> I've ordered 10 7101J50-CQE2's from Online ... _Iff_ they fit into the
>>> old front panels, I'll let the list know.
>>> ...
>>> let's see if the 7101J50-C's fit, then we can discuss how to proceed.
>> So the switches got here Friday, and alas, they are _not quite_ the right
>> thing.
>> They are very close, however - they have the bent face-plate, with the latch,
>> and the triangular side plates with the holes at the tips for the pivots of
>> the toggle (actuator, is I guess the formal name). They are also the same
>> size (facing them - i.e. side-side, both directions).
>> The only thing that's wrong is that the distance between the switch body, and
>> the top of the bent face-plate, is too far. This, alas, means not only that
>> it won't fit into existing holder frames on front consoles, but they also
>> interfere with the installation of the DEC custom toggles (actuators).
>> However, they are _so close_ that it's possible that C+K can produce some
>> semi-custom ones with the right distance. (I've had a good look through the
>> C+K 7000 series catalog, and all of the current snap-in panel ones have the
>> taller offset.) Maybe they even still have the tooling, and it's only a
>> special order.
>> Anyway, I will call C+K on Monday, and see what I can find out.
> If it helps any, here are what I expect are the pertinent pages from an original C&K catalog from 1977:
> 	http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~hilpert/e/ckswitches77/
> The selection covers two categories, "Rocker and Lever Handle Switches" and "PC Mounted Toggle and Rocker Switches"
> They include all sorts of styles and measurements, so maybe you can discern whether something changed in C&K's specs from way back when.
> If there seems to be something missing or other pages needed let me know.
> Pardon the white-balance, I set the camera and thought they were coming out whiter.

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