Seeking equipment storage help in Phoenix

Dennis Boone drb at
Mon Nov 2 00:23:28 CST 2015

Jay West and I are working on rescuing a minicomputer system in the
Phoenix area.  The equipment will eventually be shipped to one of
us, but for right now we need to get it out of the building where it
currently resides, and into temporary storage.  If we have to, we'll
use a u-store facility, but we're hoping a collector near Phoenix
might be willing to store the system for a few months until we can
arrange onward movement, to reduce the wallet pain.

We think we have transport lined up to move it to your location,
though if you happen to have a liftgate truck and be a nice guy or
gal, ... ;)

Size: the system is basically two racks, plus boxes for cables,
manuals, etc.  The whole pile should be less than three racks worth
of floor space.  Total weight is about 1400 pounds.

Time frame: the equipment needs to be out of its current location
before the end of November.  We'll commit to moving the equipment
onward within six months.

If you think you might be able to help, drop Jay (jwest at
or me a line.



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