SCA drives - any interest?

Joseph Zatarski jzatar2 at
Mon Nov 2 18:09:48 CST 2015

>Just asking: Any interest in 80-pin SCA drives,
>Ultra 3 and Ultra320 in various capacities, both
>IBM and HP/Compaq 'caddies' ?

I think you mentioned you had ~150GB drives, but I was wondering if you had
some in larger size? I'd take a couple 300GB if the price was right. I
bought an LTO-3 drive, but if I want to do any CPU based compression, I'm
going to need at least a (400GB) tape's worth of 'tape spooling' buffer
space. 3 ~150GB drives would work, but I'd like to cut down on power and
noise, and go with a couple 300GB drives if you have them, and the price is
right. I'd be willing to do about $40 for the two or three drives, if
that's not worth your time, then just let me know and I'll start looking
for some drives elsewhere.

Joseph Zatarski

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