IBM z890

william degnan billdegnan at
Mon Nov 2 22:48:56 CST 2015

>> Congratulations! Mainframes are fun!
> Thanks and yes they are :)
>> One does not boot a mainframe; one IPLs it. :)
> I totally knew this but somehow forgot such terminology while writing
this email. *facepalm*
>> I can't advise you as to the other boxes. From my Linux experience on
mainframe I can say it doesn't seem to boo... IPL any differently to any
other mainframe OS. If you can define the device to the mainframe and issue
an IPL command, you *should* be able to IPL anything I think?
> Hm ok, I will have to do some more research on the storage front then.
> What I have been told is that you can IPL Linux over a SAN but not any
> But if IPLing shouldn't be any different then maybe you can't IPL from a
SAN at all which I wouldn't be surprised at.
> -Connor K

Check the OS defaults of the SAN networking software layer.  My instinct is
AIX might play a part here.

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