Front panels

rod rodsmallwood52 at
Tue Nov 3 02:48:57 CST 2015

Hello Charles

Is it plexiglas or is it metal?
It could be a metal backing plate with screened plexiglas on top.
Attaching a lamp to a plexiglas panel by putting it through from the 
front and putting  a nut on the back
is a no no. It will split along the line of holes (thats how they cleave 
marble blocks)

Aluminum or Steel would be ok.

If you are going to prototype. Then just make one row high panels and 
stack them up.

Anything under 24" wide by four rows high in plexiglas. I can  make and 
Thats because my printer(HP DesignJet T120) is 24" wide

Nobody has asked me for a metal panel yet but the day will come and my 
silk screen girls can screen on painted metal.
How wide are the panels? and how high is a one row panel?



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