Xerox 6085 and Intel MDS II - Value?

Tom Moss tomjmoss at
Tue Nov 3 11:01:55 CST 2015

Hi all,

I'm in need of a new cabin and might be willing to part with a couple of my
more unusual systems to fund it.

I have a complete Xerox 6085 with monitor, keyboard, mouse, and tape drive
in very good visual condition, with only a few scuffs on the case and some
minor yellowing on the keyboard and mouse. The card slots are fully
populated, but I haven't check how much RAM is installed yet. It has a
working hard drive but no OS. It boots up and IIRC passes the self test. I
don't have a floppy drive for it but could wire one up to further test if
anyone has a diagram.

I also have two Intel MDS IIs, the one I'm thinking of selling currently
lights up but doesn't display anything on the monitor. I also have various
boxed ICE devices (8085/6/8), software (haven't tried reading it, some of
which isn't on bitsavers yet), and manuals for everything.

Has anyone seen these sell in the past? All I could find was an ebay
listing for a badly damaged Xerox base unit for $500. I live in England,
but would be willing to ship worldwide.


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