IBM z890

P Gebhardt p.gebhardt at
Tue Nov 3 15:06:22 CST 2015

> So now we know what can and can't IPL over which interfaces, now its a 
> matter of finding which devices support what.
> I think the IBM TotalStorage series of disk arrays support FC, at-least 
> DS4000 and up, DS3000 may but I am not sure.
> I have found some DS4000 chassis up which are somewhat cheap but then I 
> need to buy caddies and drives and that will add up...
> I have found complete DS4000's for around 200 dollars.
> But still I am not 100% sure they support FC, and are not just SAN's 
> over FCP which I think they also support.
> To say the least I need to find someone very familiar with the newer IBM 
> hardware because I don't want to pay as much as I did for the machine to 
> get storage that 'might' work.

I did read the last sentence three times, I think. Weren't these machines worth 

over 200k USD ten years ago? :)



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