Micro-Altair tape interface

Corey Cohen applecorey at optonline.net
Tue Nov 3 17:12:39 CST 2015

The MITS cassette wasn't actually that bad.  Mine has been spot on since I used an oscilloscope to calibrate it.

I think the big problem was MITS offered multiple calibration instructions which ranged from using nothing but a screwdriver and the lights on the front panel to a voltmeter and if you could afford one, exacting instructions using a dual channel scope.  The only reliable one is the scope. 


corey cohen
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> On Nov 3, 2015, at 10:57 AM, Jay Jaeger <cube1 at charter.net> wrote:
>> On 11/2/2015 11:54 PM, dave at 661.org wrote:
>> As I finally complete my Micro-Altair kit from Briel Computers, my
>> thoughts turn to the question of how I can get an audio tape interface
>> working on this machine.
>> I understand that the MITS tape controller is essentially a serial port
>> with a simple modem bolted on the rear.
> Yes, exactly - but IIRC it was TTL level.  And didn't work all that
> well.  It wasn't too long before I acquired a Processor Technology CUTS
> tape interface, which worked only slightly better.   At one point I
> re-purposed said MITS tape interface serial port (removing the tape
> interface portion) and used it to connect to my Atari 800 serial port,
> providing printer and disk services to the Atari.

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