Vintage Mac & PC sale @ VCF recycling warehouse

Sellam ibn Abraham sellam at
Tue Nov 3 12:48:27 CST 2015

After a dozen years I'm shutting down my e-waste recycling business.  In 
that time I managed to accumulate a lot of interesting things, including a 
lot of vintage PCs that are from a bygone era and have enough unique 
features to make them collectible.  I have models from various brands 
including Packard Bell, Acer, HP, Compaq, Leading Edge, etc.  There's also 
a stack of at least half a dozen restorable IBM PCs (model 5150).

I also have a huge selection of Macs, from some 90s and even 80s models 
(Mac SE) all the way through the return of Jobs era with the iMac and the 
G3's, G4's (aluminum case servers), etc., plus laptops.  I have every iMac 
color.  I was planning to ripen these to 20 years old before I sold them 
on eBay for silly sums but I'll start letting them go still green and you 
can ripen them in your garage.

Keyboards and mice also available to make complete systems.  I also have 
lots of other vintage electronics, including whole items and parts, like 
test equipment, some older radio stuff (tubes), &c.  Plus a lot of other 
cool/useful/practical stuff.

Of course there will be some much more vintagey computers available as 
well but those will be selling for "real" money.  Everything above is 
offered for cheap.

If you'd like to come roam the warehouse in Livermore and shop for 
bargains then send me an e-mail and we'll set up an appointment.  At this 
point I'm available through November 15th here.  After that, everyone just 
goes away.



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