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>> Subject line says it all -- I'm looking for the top/side cover for the
>> "slim" PDP-11/05.  Probably not infeasible to build one, but I figured
>> I'd ask around first.
>> Got lucky on a cheap 8KW core plane (H214) on eBay to replace the
>> damaged one the /05 came with (which we had a discussion about last
>> year), and everything seems to be working fine other than a completely
>> dead Boxer fan (a replacement is on the way), I'd like to find the top
>> cover to help with air flow/cooling.  And so I can put things on top of
>> it :).
>> Thanks,
>> Josh
> If you can't find them, here's a CAD drawing I did for the panels you need:
> I have not yet found the exact style of Dzus fastener for it yet, but eBay and suppliers have
> similar ones.
> Steve.

Very cool, thanks!

- osh

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