Teletype services

tony duell ard at
Thu Nov 5 14:14:50 CST 2015

> > I've been trying for the past week to verify that telephony on my teletype
> > machine (model 33) is functioning properly but the biggest hurdle I am

> Is yours ASCII or "Baudot"? (there are some issues of the correct name for
> that)

If it's a model 33 it has to be ASCII. The 'Baudot' one is the Model 32 IIRC.
[Yes OK, there were plenty of other 'Baudot' machines made by
Teletype, but the Model 32 is similar to the Model 33]

IIRC 'Baudot' should really be called ITA2. ITA5 is ASCII. (ITA = International
Telegraph Alphabet). Is ITA1 Morse? What were/are ITA3 and ITA4?

The original Baudot code, as used on the 5-key chording keyboard thing
was also a 5 level code, but quite different in how the characters were encoded. There
was also Murray code which is similar to ITA2 but one major difference is that
there are 'letter space' and 'figure space' codes (which move the carriage one character
and select the appropriate 'shift' rather than letters and figures shift characters which
just select the shift, along with a seprate space character. So in Murray code you could
not send ABC12XY63, it would have to be ABC 12 XY 63

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