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Thu Nov 5 14:37:55 CST 2015

At 01:59 PM 11/5/2015, John Ball wrote:

>... those bluetooth to cellular POTS bridges are too lossy to make do and connect to a machine here.

There is strong possibility that one of those bridges might not work. As a rule the bit-reduction used by cellular phones, VOIP phones, and cable-modem phones renders dialup modems useless, unless you are using something like a fax-capable line.

I am developing (it is under construction to add additional features that I need) an Arduino-based central office simulator that will allow two devices to connect to each other as though connected by POTS lines. I began developing it to simplify work in the shop on a variety of broadcast equipment that uses modems, as the only phone line at the house is a cable-modem phone line that does not work with dialup modems.

If you had something of that sort I would think it possible to configure a computer to act as the other end of the circuit.

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