IBM System/32 available

Mike Ross tmfdmike at
Thu Nov 5 17:19:55 CST 2015

That's the guy I've been talking to. Pissed he's stealing pics from my
site. Can someone post the URL or thread where he's using them?

On Nov 5, 2015 3:06 PM, "Al Kossow" <aek at> wrote:

> On 11/5/15 2:47 PM, Mark J. Blair wrote:
>> A new user on the Vintage Computer Forums is posting about what appears
>> to be this machine in random, unrelated threads. In one of them, he shared
>> a System/32 picture which came from the Corestore site. He doesn't have
>> enough posts yet to enable the private message feature, so I don't know how
>> to contact him. His profile says he's in Riverside, CA, which happens to be
>> where I live. I don't have room or spare cash for this computer at this
>> time, but I'd be happy to go look at it for anybody who's interested in it
>> (assuming I find a way to contact the seller).
>> The posting in random threads with somebody else's picture looks a bit
>> hinky, but maybe it's just somebody who isn't familiar with Internet forum
>> etiquette. If this seller and machine are for real, and it's really located
>> in Riverside, then I can look at the machine and report what I see.
> Mike should be able to confirm it

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