Omen site and FTP server

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Fri Nov 6 08:10:08 CST 2015

Because it may be timesensitive, I contacted her and offered to pay for data
recovery of the drive, and other items. Will post whatever I hear.


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> Perhaps someone who knew Chuck can contact Betty and explain that the 
> FTP server has data, particularly in my case the Tektronix software he 
> had that is on that server, and is not downloadable thru the Apache 
> server.
> I will do so in a while if noone who knew him better says something.


I actually did get in touch with the widow and heard back from her.
Unfortunately, for all intents and purposes the data is gone. While there
may be backups and the possibility of retrieval from the HW she does not
know how. In fact someone else setup the pointer page for her on Go Daddy.

There is a slim chance that the person helping her may be able to do a
recovery but we won't know for about a week or so.


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