PDP-11/45-55 CPU fan assemblies

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> IIRC that 21" mounting box (and I assume therefore the fan assemblies)
> was used on other machines like the 11/40 (some versions), the 11/70,
> etc. I am not suggesting you raid one of those for parts, but it might be
> something else to look at.

Yes, AFAIK, these were on all 21" boxen (BA11-F ?)

> I do have an 11/45 here with the original fan trays. The top one is easy
> to get at and measure, but IIRC the bottom one is a right pain, involving
> removing all the boards and dismantling the very fragile card guides.

True, unless you simply remove the entire fan box from the bottom of
the card cage. Have a clean floor, you will have to lay on it, as a car
mechanic :-)  The box is (AFAIR) mounted on the card cage with 4 or
6 (?) screws.

- Henk

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