Teletype services

Christian Corti cc at
Mon Nov 9 03:46:06 CST 2015

On Sat, 7 Nov 2015, John Ball wrote:
> People have been nagging me for the last year to get a Panasonic 308. I've
> yet to come across one so far that wasn't weirdly priced, plus my parents
> aren't interested in a PBX being installed in their house.

Pricy? Most of the time you can get them either for free or for a few 
bucks, like the FritzBox 7050 I'm using at home (cost me 10 Euros at Ebay, 
and it runs Linux!). And you don't need to install it anywhere, just use 
it to connect your two modems (i.e. Teletype and "PC" modem) and dial from 
one port into the other one if all you want is testing the modem of the 


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