PDP 11/03

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Nov 9 06:09:09 CST 2015

    > From: Jim Stephensn

    > I'm looking for a cable or cable pinout to get the console of this
    > 11/03 going.
    > ...
    > It has a M7940-YA DLV11 controller.

Hmm. I can't find anything online about the -YA variant of the DLV11; the
DLV11 prints (MP00055) don't seem to show it.

I don't know exactly wqhat the "extra wires to bring out clock & .. 110/300
speed change" entail - and whether you have to have the right jumpers, etc in
the Berg connector to make it run?

Maybe the easier path would be to buy a different DL-type serial line board
(plain DLV11, DLV11-E, DLV11-F, DLV11-J), they're available on eBait for not
much money, usually - unless you already have one on hand, of course. (Or did
you - for authenticity reasons - _have_ to run the -YA card?)

Those are all a known quantity, pinout-wise; the first three all use the
standard DL11 cable [same as the UNIBUS one, M7800], the last one uses the
smaller header common to the later QBUS machines (e.g. 11/23+, etc).

If you have the Berg female shells and pins (not sure if you do; if not,
definitely worth getting them, since the cables are basically unobtainable,
but fairly easy to make), but don't know the pinout for them, let me know,
and I can supply both null-modem and non-null-modem cable diagrams (for DB25
connectors, already worked out; I have made DB9 serial cables, but not for
direct connection to a DLV11, but could generate those too).


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