VT100 - FUN

rod rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 10 06:43:51 CST 2015

Ah yes forgot that bit (thirty plus years is a while back) Tee adapter 
on VT100 out, cable to cam sync in on cam - cam out to vt100 in.
Ill give it a go later- my video titler has an ext sync connector

On 10/11/15 10:59, Christian Corti wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Nov 2015, rod wrote:
>> They were for video in and out. You could sync the VT100 to a feed of 
>> mono video and the overlaid picture would appear on the screen and at 
>> the video out connector.
> AFAIR you couldn't. You had to synchronize the external video source 
> to the VT100.
> Christian

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