IBM System/32 available

Paul Berger phb.hfx at
Tue Nov 10 09:55:57 CST 2015

On 2015-11-09 10:53 PM, Connor Krukosky wrote:
> Wow that looks to be in fantastic condition considering its around 40 
> years old now!
> I really wish the best of luck to whomever gets it.
> I must say I'm very jealous ;)
> -Connor K
> On 11/9/2015 9:20 PM, Mark J. Blair wrote:
>> At long last, here are pictures and details!
That big disk is nearly bullet proof, we had one in a store controller 
where they had a fire in the store and the fire got close enough to it 
to scorch the paint on the covers, but the drive still worked and all 
the data was recovered off of it.  They do however sometimes squeak a 
little when they seek.

For the burn in on the CRT, only half of the CRT is used so you can 
rotate it 180 degrees if that has not already been done.  That also 
works for 3741 key to diskette machine, same display unit.

The orange plastic box inside the cardboard box contains a head 
alignment tool for the 33FD diskette unit.  One thing that may go wrong 
with the diskette drives is the lower limit stop on the head carriage 
may break off and allow it to go below track 0.  These drives do not 
have a track 0 sensor so when they are initialized the drive does about 
80 out steps to make sure it is at zero so it hammers on that down stop. 
and it is plastic so it won't get better with age.

On the disk drive there is a head lock back top left should be locked 
when moving and I believe there is also a spindle lock.

Those little cards in the envelopes may have been used for indicator 
cards or probing.  I seem to remember that the service guide sat in the 
space just above the logic gate, but I don't see it in the pictures.


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