VT100 - FUN

rod rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 10 13:03:52 CST 2015

Now that would be a find.

As it so happens one of the guys who worked with me at NL
lives locally and we are both on the local council so I see him often.
  In fact his wife (also councilor) was here yesterday.
As he was still there after I left to join DEC he may know more.

The keyboards some were not cherry.
There was one type that counted through a matrix until it found the
connected crosspoint and stopped the count. The count was your key code.

The early ones were blue and the later ones brown and gray I think.

My wife worked at a local building society and they had some.
One day I showed her a label on the back of hers stating
'Tested OK RVS' (needless to say RVS is me) and a date
before we even met.  Coincidences are great.

I'd love to get it running for old times sake.

On 10/11/15 18:00, tony duell wrote:
>> I remember joining DEC in early October 1973. At the time I was working
>> for a small local company called Newbury Labs.
> When I was an undergraduate at Cambridge University (1985-1988) they were
> still using (somewhat later) Newbury terminals on the mainframe. Due to the
> metal cases they were often known as 'biscuit tins'.
> I rescued one when they were being cleared out, I probably still have it somewhere.
> It has a separate keyboard (just an array of switches) and I think has a VT131-like
> editing mode (probably totall different commands though). I remember inside there's
> a monitor PCB on the back of the upper part of the case and one or two boards
> full of logic. Probably a microprocessor in there, and quite a bit of TTL. I remember
> some 74181 ALUs (of all things!)
> -tony

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