PDP-11/45-55 CPU fan assemblies

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> Hi, all: I recently bought a PDP-11/45 [well, a /55, to be technical;
> the /45, /50 and /55 are completely identical except for
> i) the memory options installed at purchase, and
> ii) the printing on the front console :-], but alas, when I looked
> closely, it is missing both upper and lower CPU fan assemblies.
> (No doubt, removed to allow cannabilization of the fans, to keep
> another machine running.)

> (For those who aren't familiar, these are long brackets to which a
> number of the usual square fans are bolted; one is placed above,
> and one below, the cards in the main pull-out rack of the CPU. The
> one on top is hinged along the long edge, so it can be rolled back
> out out of the way, for running cables to boards.)

To be more exact, the bottom is sort of an open box and has 4 fans.
The open side faces towards the card cage, the bottom (outside) has
3 rows of slits, size of the square fans.
The top part consist of *two* parts, one is a small box with the
downward side open. You would not want to stick your fingers there
when the fans run :-/  This side faced the card cage from the top.
The outer top has slits over the entire length. The width is the
width of the fans. With 5 "lips" another sheet of metal is hinged
onto the top fan box. When mounted on the BA11-F box, you can open
this sheet of metal and have access to the cables conduit.

> So, does anyone i) have a spare set they don't want (I know, I know,
> I know, p < .00001, but maybe a miracle will happen);

That makes me the "miracle worker" :-)
Sending an email off-line.

- Henk

> Thanks (hopefully :-)!
>       Noel

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