WD9000 Pascal microengine schematics available

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Tue Nov 10 14:39:58 CST 2015

> My problem is I've not done it before. I also have the 
> logic-analyzer-on-a-chip out of the 165xx series shot but
> not analyzed.
> http://siliconpr0n.org/archive/doku.php?id=mcmaster:hp:hp-c5_1fi1-0001
Don't you also need to "delayer" the chip to get all the hidden 
features?   I thought the process of reconstructing the polygons 
required that each successive layer be exposed.  From the "top" I'd 
think you'd only see a single metal layer.  But then again, on a old 
chip like that there may only *be* one metal layer :-)

My primitive understanding is that there will be a "base layer" with 
junctions and one or more metal layers on top doing the interconnect.

(I try and steer clear of physical design, or "PD" as we call it, since 
it's seriously complex.  but also interesting!)


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