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>> I remember joining DEC in early October 1973. At the time I was working for a
>> small local company called Newbury Labs.
>> We designed and built what were then called glass teletypes.  Twenty four lines
>> of eighty characters, upwards scrolling only,shift registers for memory. TTL
>> everything else.
> When I was at school I seem to recall that the glass teletypes used by my local polytechnic on their DECSYSTEM20 were Newbury Labs. They were a great step up from the Teletype at the time. I didn't see a VT1xx until I got to my M.Sc at Manchester (1984-1985) where I had a VT125 connected to a 780. I have a VT101 and VT102, but would love to get a 125 just for old times sake.

It's interesting that people were building glass TTYs when DEC was well beyond them with the VT05 by that time or earlier, never mind the VT52.


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