MAINDEC-11-DZQKC-E-D listing posted (Re: Deciphering PDP-11/05 ZQKC (Instruction Exerciser) MAINDEC failures...)

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Tue Nov 10 20:22:14 CST 2015

 >Al Kossow wrote:

> >On 11/10/15 2:10 PM, Jay Jaeger wrote:
>> A PDF is there as well as a zip file containing the original .tif files
>> as Al Kossow prefers for submissions.  (Al:  Hint, Hint  ;) ). 
> Thanks! Just send me an email as you add things, and I will pick them up.

I also notice that the /bits/ files do not seem to have had the
same attention as the /pdf/ side of the fence.  In particular,
as an RT-11 addict, there are many additional image files
available on the internet which are not reflected at bitsavers
and its mirrors.  While I agree that you may be concerned
that some at those image files are for versions of RT-11
after V05.03, at least a few are not and at least those had
been explicitly allowed even by Mentec.  Would you find
it appropriate to host these files at bitsavers and its mirrors?

In addition, a few internet sites have also had a number of files
for versions of RT-11 after V05.03 for over 5 years now.
Since bitsavers and its mirrors are probably better known
than most other sites, would you also find it appropriate
to host these as well?

Do you also have an incoming directory which will accept image
files?  You can then move them to the correct sub-directory and
maybe even rename them?

Some of the RT-11 image files have DEC ( owner / volumeID )
values which are the equivalent of the names given to PDF files
for DEC manuals.

Please advise whether or not you wish to have copies of these
RT-11 DEC image files.

Jerome Fine

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