NeXTSTEP 3.3 Web Browser

Kyle Owen kylevowen at
Wed Nov 11 17:45:52 CST 2015

On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 5:14 PM, Tapley, Mark <mtapley at> wrote:
> for setting up static IP addresses, while somewhat arcane, worked for me.
> (Sure hope they mean, … ."rich text format document". That would be more
> polite than what I fear….)

Hah! Thanks for the tips. Main issue is getting network services here at
the university to give me an IP address. I'm going to take it home tonight
and try there in the mean time.

I’m running version 2.7 beta 3 according to the splash screen that comes up
> in response to “info”.

Good to know. Thanks for the confirmation! And you're running NeXTSTEP 3.3,

Neither of those sound like a problem. Mine has 64 MB but much less iron
> oxide left.

Hope to get some more RAM in mine at some point, but I'll stick with what
I've got for now. Happy to have that 1 GB drive with plenty of free space,
though. Admittedly, it's a fresh install, so that's a good reason I've got
less than half used.

That would be cool; I have run out  my monitor twice (both times, vertical
> scan collapsed and I switched to a backup monitor; once, shotgunning all
> capacitors fixed it, but I have yet to do that the second time) (Sorry
> Tony, time and brains both lacking here to do the job right :-) ).
> At the moment, I’m running a backup megapixel display on the Cube board
> and a Sun 15” color monitor on the NextDimension. Windows slide nicely from
> one to the other, but it does slow things down a little to run that way.
> However, if speed were the issue, the system would be in trouble; lots of
> screen real estate is one way it can still compete with my laptop!

The two MegaPixel displays I have are both functional with some burn in,
but they still seem pretty bright. However, one has a very apparent warble,
but it was getting better after leaving it on for a while. I'm sure it had
been a long time since it was powered up.



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