IBM PS/2 memory

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Wed Nov 11 19:38:26 CST 2015

Just dug my IBM 65sx out, which had already lost 2 of its original 6MB due 
to a bad memory module - but it seems like the remaining 4MB is not very 
happy, either, and it flakes out at 3.7MB or so.

Obviously I need to source some replacement RAM. Does anyone know if the 
systems are picky about what they'll work with? I believe they have to have 
parity (unless there's some magic jumper/setting somewhere to make it work 
with non-parity stuff), but are there any other gotchas involved in terms 
of DRAM type, capacities etc.?

(I'm wondering about trying some of the RAM from my SGI Indigo2, but I 
think that would mean losing 128MB from the system to give up a 32MB module 
for the IBM, as I believe the SGI needs them to be installed in groups of 4 
- that's assuming that it's even compatible, anyway)



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