Uploaded: ISA Pertec Controller MS-DOS drivers + manual. (Catamount/Electrovalue ATC-8, ATC-16, PCT-9 MTC-16)

Tom Moss tomjmoss at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 12 15:00:29 CST 2015

Hi All,

I've just archived my Catamount Pertec Controller software and manuals as I
couldn't find a copy anywhere else.

The ATC-8 and ATC-16 series of Pertec controllers are still being sold by
Electrovalue, but with a different software package. I personally find the
Catamount software much more useful, as it allows for labelled backups,
programming tools, and hard drive + serial + parallel device emulation.
This is version 3.2F.

Software: https://archive.org/details/Catamount_ATC-16
Manuals: https://archive.org/details/3.2Manual

The software is in ZIP and IMD format, but I should be able to make IMG
dumps if anyone wants them. (not that it's really necessary)

Hopefully this will be of use to someone,

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