x86/DOS system backup via rs232?

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Fri Nov 13 23:56:32 CST 2015

On 11/13/2015 05:10 PM, Josh Dersch wrote:

> FWIW, DOS 6.xx will boot on anything 100% PC-compatible, 8088 on up, and it
> shouldn't have a problem reading filesystems created by earlier DOS
> versions.  Assuming you can write a bootable floppy and get INTERLNK onto
> it, that would probably be the easiest option.

A couple of weeks ago, I dug out an old XT with a Quantum Q540 drive in 
it.  It didn't want to start at first, but a couple of tapes on the side 
of the HDA caused the drive to spin up and come ready.

Not wanting to tempt fate, I copied over the Interlink files from DOS 
6.2 onto the XT system and booted a P3 system here running Win98SE and 
connected them with a Laplink parallel cable (I've still got a box of 
them).  I think I ran interlnk on the XT and intersvr on the 98SE one 
(or maybe it was the reverse).  At any rate I discovered that it was 
indeed possible to transfer files over even though the XT was running 
DOS 4.00 and the 98SE was running from a FAT32 partition.

So yes, it can be done.  Just in case, I also had a network card in the 
XT (an Artisoft AE/2T) and MSLANMAN ready.  But I didn't need it.

I do hope the Q540 will keep running for at least another decade, but if 
it doesn't, I've got the files backed up.  I can always run it with an 
XTIDE card and a small CF card, if worse comes to worst.


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