Shipping help near Fresno, CA

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sun Nov 15 22:26:21 CST 2015

I've been trying to get a PDP-8/m out of Fresno, CA for a few months 
now; the person I'm getting it from is alternately unwilling and unable 
to prep the machine for transport (the latest excuse is that he can't 
find a suitable pallet).

This is a single full-height rack, probably about 500lbs -- is there 
anyone on the list nearby (Fresno, CA) who might be able to prep the 
machine for transport (e.g. strap it to a pallet, maybe put some padding 
over the front panel to reduce the possibility of damage)? Then I can 
get a shipper to drop by and pick it up.  I'll gladly compensate you for 
your time/effort.


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