To-days Panelman Poser

rod rodsmallwood52 at
Mon Nov 16 02:38:01 CST 2015

Hi Guys!
                 I am the happy owner of a DEC 3000 in other words an Alpha.
It is fully working and boots VMS and goes into DEC windows just as it 
Its running a high res 23" colour monitor in RGB

As you all are aware I spend my time recreating PDP front panels.
(Hopefully the example panel will arrive to-day and I can release the 
current batch to screening. )

Anyway I thought  it would be nice to at least get some pictures up on 
the Alpha and maybe do a little panel design on it.
If you are asking why would I want to do that. Then I might suggest you 
may not be on the right list.

So there you have it;  picture display (gif, tif and so on) and a bit of 
cad on my Alpha (mono is fine.)
What do I need and where do I get it?

  Rod (Panelman) Smallwood

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