Tektronix 4051 RAMPACK - new design

Christian Corti cc at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Mon Nov 16 04:25:49 CST 2015

On Sun, 15 Nov 2015, Bob Rosenbloom wrote:
> I was contacted by Micheal D. Cranford from the Tektronix Museum up in OR 
> about
> a design for a ROM module for the Tektronix 4051 graphic computer. It looks 
> to be a very
> useful item. See the description below. He's looking to build up some of them 
> and make them
> available. Cost would be about $100 each, assembled. He needs seven people to 
> make it
> worthwhile, I would take two, so we need five more people.

Something similar has been done over 30 years ago, see 

The module is called BACKRAM, and you are supposed to load the contents 
with RAM_LOADER.PRG. We use the COMBIROM file that has many very useful 
routines for tape and CBM disk handling. I've attached a CBM 8050 drive to 
the Tektronix 4051. To use the BACKRAM I only need one tape cartridge that 
holds the loader and RAM image.


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