VAX 4000-200 Maintenance

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Dear Rob,

Just an idea Nemonix Engineering (previous employer) does maintenance and support for PDP, VAX and Alpha.  I know that they had new batteries.  Not new in the DEC packaging but newly mad they may be able to do some thing for you.

Contact Wayne Beeson and let him know I sent you.  

url is <>
phone is 508-393-7700

Coming from a DEC background it was amazing to see this hardware still in active work.  On of my favorites was discussions was around fans.  When the hardware was originally made they did not include sealed fans for general sale so as the fan got old and slowed down it would gradually heat up the mother board so folks thought it was a mother board issue, get it replaced and then a few moths later the fan would break and people would have t replace.  Nemonix did both so it was not an issue just uncomfortable for the customer.

If there is anything I can do to help please just let me know.

Warm Regards,

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>> Performed maintenance of my VAX 4000-200.
>> Removed NiCad battery
> My to-do list has me doing the rounds of all my machines to check them all for the batteries. I'd like to replace rather than remove though, but that could get expensive at about £10-12 pounds per machine for the cordless phone battery packs sold by Maplin. Maybe there is a better alternative, I should go and take a look.
> Regards
> Rob
>> Replaced hard drive
>> Made new image of system drive
>> The how-to is all over the web, but I summarized a lot of the basic support tasks
>> associated with a networked VAX 4000 here for anyone interested in a simple
>> "for dummies" page
>> The system is hosted here:
>> --
>> Bill

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