VAX 4000-200 Maintenance

Holm Tiffe holm at
Fri Nov 20 01:27:38 CST 2015

william degnan wrote:

> Performed maintenance of my VAX 4000-200.
> Removed NiCad battery
> Replaced hard drive
> Made new image of system drive
> The how-to is all over the web, but I summarized a lot of the basic support
> tasks associated with a networked VAX 4000 here for anyone interested in a
> simple "for dummies" page
> The system is hosted here:
> -- 
> Bill

Nice :-)

I do own an Vax4000/300, 3 DSSI Disks  orginally 2xRF31 amd 1xRF71
32MB RAM, serial Multiplexer, TK70 with controller.
In the meantime I'm repalced the RF71 against a RF73 (2 Gig) Drive,
installed VMS 7.3 wih TCP/IP, works so far.

I had to "repair" an RF31 with a hit of a rubber hammer, the fault light
of the drive was on and I've read about the hammer in a post from a guy
from the netherlands. The drive was bad anyways..tried it and success!!
It seems that the head assembly in the drive gets glued to some rubber
bumper in the drive after long storage.

Exchanged the nicads against a wireless phone pack to..but they dont hold
the charge for a month w/o power.
I think I have to better clean the PCB where the nicads are connected to.
There where already some greenish salts  and I only used an old toothbrush
to clean it. Maybe I have to train the nicads on my Imax B6 first .. but
they where new.

Running the machine 24/7 here in germany is to expensive now. We pay approx
30 Eurocents per kwh..and still raising b'cause our government means that
it is a good idea to run photovoltaic power plants near the nord pole.. :-|

Last power up and boot was 2 days before now, nicads empty again..

Do have an VS4000/90 and a VS3100/M76 too..Micro-pdp11 stuff too..



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