Front Panel Orders - Special Update

rod rodsmallwood52 at
Fri Nov 20 03:44:00 CST 2015

Hi Guys
            Well the original  panel arrived yesterday and revealed one 
or two interesting features.
It was from an 8/m but as the underlying programmers console (apart from 
the change from bulb to LED) is the same for all of versions I am 
making. Its a good example
What it reveals was that they silk screened the panel first then routed 
or milled out the openings using the markings as a guide. This is the 
source of much complained of chipping and peeling.
This means that they did not have to be too fussy with the placement of 
the silk screening in relation to the edges of the blank. Any small 
offset would be hidden by the bezel anyway.  in addition there is plenty 
of tolerance on the key lock - there's provision to adjust its position 
on the mounting.
The hole for the select switch is drilled over size (0.38" for a 0.25" 
shaft) so more room to move things about

In the spirit of  "measure twice and cut once"  would all those with 
orders please do the following. Take off the selector switch knob.
Remove the bezel and take the old front panel out. Measure from the 
bottom edge of the panel to the bottom of the row of switch openings.
Then from the left hand side to the first switch opening. Finally from 
the right hand side to the last switch opening.
Please send the three measurements  with the type of system its off plus 
any part numbers on the back of the panel to me.



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