Front Panel Orders - Special Update

rod rodsmallwood52 at
Fri Nov 20 10:04:35 CST 2015

Hi Al

Yes thanks for that.

  The one that came in just confirmed it.

I'm trying to find the range of variation.

As you know my panels are laser cut which is a much smoother
finish and should get rid of the chip and peel problems.

This means I screen after cutting at the expense of fitting the artwork 
to the cutout.
That in turn means  I need to know where the cutouts are in relation to 
the panel edges.
So three measurements on any existing panel tells me if I can fill the 
order and have it fit.

Finally as the list of measurements builds up I'll know if I need more 
than one type of blank.

  So the more sets of measurements I get the better.


On 20/11/15 15:29, Al Kossow wrote:
> On 11/20/15 1:44 AM, rod wrote:
>> What it reveals was that they silk screened the panel first then routed
>> or milled out
> yes, and I posted that a week ago here when I sent you the scans of one
> of my panels.

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