Front Panel Orders - Special Update

rod rodsmallwood52 at
Fri Nov 20 16:44:18 CST 2015

Hi Al
        The designs of the 8/e and the 8/f 8/m differ.
On an 8/e panel in the switch area you have a pair of lines running 
round three sides of the each switch cutout.

Or at least you would have if the area had not been removed. So you end 
up with two lines at the top left changing
to one where the cutout is and back to two on the other side.

If you check all of the sources (and I did) of 8/e front panel pictures 
and drawings it becomes apparent that what was
intended was where the the inner of the two lines is not present due to 
the cutout there should be a one line widths space
of unprinted plastic before you encounter the remaining white line. In 
other words there's a one lines thickness gap between the lines.
This looks better and stops the end switch scraping the white line. So 
my types 8/e A and B include this feature.

The 8/m panel I have in front of me does not have this feature.
There is a single white line all of which is removed in the cutout area.
It also differs in several other ways as well.

So my reproduction panels have to follow the original designs.


On 20/11/15 19:06, Al Kossow wrote:
> On 11/20/15 8:04 AM, rod wrote:
>>   So the more sets of measurements I get the better.
> OK, will check the panels I have and send the pn/demensions to you
> An interesting delema I noticed is the milling cut off some of the
> vertical white lines around the paddle switches. So should the repro
> do the same, if so, where, since the milling moves relative to the
> silk screen

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