flash (or ide) storage for unibus 11?

Paul Birkel pbirkel at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 06:11:30 CST 2015

As Tom Lehrer not-so-delicately put it "more, more, more!  I'm still not
satisfied ..." :->.

My thanks to you and Bridgham (who has a second name, perhaps)!

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    > From: Jay West

    > I'm looking for a modern storage ... device for an 11

Aren't we all! :-)

    > I think I have seen a few hobbyist projects that were flash based, I
    > thought I saw one that was an IDE interface....

I think that was probably Brad Parker's prototype?

    > Anyone know of a good project to add some modern storage

Available today, no. But there are a number of projects which will probably
be cranking out UNIBUS DEC controller emulators with modern storage
I gather Guy's MEM11 project will probably eventually spin off a version
with a larger disk, and Bridgham and I are planning on doing a UNIBUS
version of our card once the QBUS version is done. (Actually, ours is
planned to include an ENABLE too, with 4MB of memory, for those of us with
34's, 40's, 45's,
etc.) Any more?


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