flash (or ide) storage for unibus 11?

David Bridgham dab at froghouse.org
Mon Nov 23 09:10:25 CST 2015

> This is great news, Noel.  Are you on keeping bits and/or status for these
> projects on github or anywhere else that might encourage participation and
> contribution?  I'd be glad to pitch in if I can.  Actually, I (and I bet
> others) would love to see an up to date wiki entry or somesuch listing
> folks' retro projects like these and would be happy to create it if you'd
> provide a couple of pointers.

I have the little code I've written so far in a private git server but
not on github.  Eventually the plan is to do something like that but
we're pretty early in the process.  Certainly nothing is running yet. 
Even though I've set up a git server, I still have to learn how to
actually use git.

However, once we get a prototype doing something interesting, we were
talking about looking around for people interested in helping out. 
We'll do a couple disk controllers but if someone wants to add others,
great.  Especially if someone wants to add MSCP.  We're happy to skip
that one ourselves.

But the real thing we'll want help with is circuit board design and
manufacturing.  We can do easy things but I'd really like to use BGA
parts for the FPGA and memory chips so if someone has a handle on that,
we'd like to talk.  A I said, our plan was to get a prototype working
before going in search of this kind of assistance.  We're using an FPGA
module from ZTEX right now to sidestep the issue.

Is there a wiki out there that holds this kind of information?  It seems
like a great idea and I'll put some information together on our project
if there is.  Or maybe, now that news is spreading that we're doing
this, it's time to write up a web page describing what we're up to.


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