WTB Miniscribe 3425 (working or parts donor)

Mark J. Blair nf6x at nf6x.net
Tue Nov 24 23:45:28 CST 2015

> On Nov 24, 2015, at 21:37, Chuck Guzis <cclist at sydex.com> wrote:
> Maybe it's trying to tell you that it's really a brick?  :)
> (For those who recall the Miniscribe debacle).


After my experience with that 20M SCSI drive on my Amiga, I'm tempted to say that they're all bricks. Some of them just pretend to be hard drives for a while first. ;)

Anyway, I have it happily spinning up now after moving the interruptor vane on the outer stepper motor shaft a bit. It seems that the drive expects to see the track zero sensor trip some distance before the hard stop, but not too far before. Whether the drive's idea of where track zero is vs. where it actually is on the media remains to be seen, but I'll be setting up the reader shortly. I think there may be a chance of success since, if I'm guessing correctly, track location and spacing on these drives is determined by the stepper motor, and the track zero sensor should just need to be within a half track or so of actual track zero position. Of course, all bets are off if the internal positioner roller shifted on the stepper's internal shaft, rather than just the interruptor shifting on the external shaft. Crossing my fingers...

Mark J. Blair, NF6X <nf6x at nf6x.net>

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