Big heap of DEC Flip-Chips modules

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Wed Nov 25 08:08:39 CST 2015

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> Subject: Big heap of DEC Flip-Chips modules
> Hi,
> a year ago or so an inventory of several thousand DEC flip-chip modules
> appeared in the neighbourhood.
>          "Yesss, my precioussss, it came too me !!!"
> But I couldn't acquire them. At least I help selling them now.
> The inventory is here:
> It was a 2-months-project: most fun was sorting and counting the modules, then
> taking the pictures.
> A webshop solution seemed the best for online presentation. (Very interesting, I
> never did that before)
> Functionality of the shop software is good. On the other hand this project
> appears a bit too commercial now.
> You even should be able to buy online over Paypal, but I'd prefer personal
> contact.
> Joerg

I am not in this market, but the URL you gave has an (obvious) typo!



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