8" hard disk storage for unibus 11?

Jos Dreesen jos.dreesen at bluewin.ch
Thu Nov 26 10:50:26 CST 2015

On 26.11.2015 10:08, Mike Ross wrote:
> Many moons ago I had a small fleet of pdp-11/04s, pulled out of a
> research synchrotron.
> (well, not *literally* out of the synchrotron, they probably wouldn't
> work if they had been...)
> They all had disk subsystems made by a company called Baydel; a 19"
> rack module, half-height like an 11/04, containing an 8" hard disk and
> power supply, hooked up to a quad-size Unibus card. Emulated a bunch
> of RK05s. Can't recall the nature of the interface between the card
> and the drive.
> Over the years I appear to have carelessly and unintentionally traded
> or given away ALL the bloody things! Anyone else have one, had one, or
> know someone who might? I've Googled and there's a deafening silence,
> apart from me asking the same question on Usenet ten years ago!
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Baydel used Honeywell-Bull D120 and D140 8" mididisks.
  Is that what you had in mind ?


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