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Jay West jwest at
Fri Nov 27 14:19:26 CST 2015

Yes, anonymous login is disabled.... because the sole reason for FTP is for
the various authors/maintainers of classic/retro computing sites which the
classiccmp server hosts. Each website owner/author uses FTP to maintain
their website on the classiccmp server.

That being said....  a bunch of ideas/projects have been languishing on the
backburner, and some may involve FTP. Some examples....
1) (This one is already a given) If anyone wants an FTP spot for
classic/retro computing files, it's available gratis. Just email me
2) I was thinking of creating a web interface such that people could upload
pictures and/or a "tinyurl" functionality, such that when they make posts to
the list where they want to include a picture or long link it gets uploaded
to the classiccmp server and the link is available to posters. Long story
short, since the mailing list doesn't allow attachments - this would allow
the same functionality. Added bonus, the material doesn't go away over time
and can be maintained.
3) Specific "public" ftp repositories for all listmember use. Of course,
we'd have to have people "sign up" for a account to keep it
from being publicly used for "anything".

Just random thoughts - other thoughts/ideas that anyone may have - just
email me offlist.


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Thank you for the link.

Is "anonymous" login enabled on your FTP server?

Or do we require a login before we can access the site?

Thank you,


On 11/27/15 01:55 PM, Jay West wrote:
> FTP on the classiccmp server should now be working more reliably for 
> passive mode. You may have to use "" as opposed to 
> your own DNS name that may be hosted there.
> Please test and advise me off-list if you still have any issues.
> J

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