classiccmp work

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Fri Nov 27 14:43:05 CST 2015

We do make a LOT of stuff available that is put up via ftp (privately, by
myself or a few others), but it's always been available via http not ftp.

It is also possible that many of the people who have their website hosted on
the classiccmp server are making stuff available via ftp, and I wouldn't
necessarily be aware of it.

That all being said - if there's something I've accidentally dropped off
during the years of upgrades and migrations, by all means please let me know

And of course, I'm always taking requests on ideas for ftp or other services
that would be beneficial to the community :)


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> Yes, anonymous login is disabled.... because the sole reason for FTP 
> is for the various authors/maintainers of classic/retro computing 
> sites which the classiccmp server hosts.

Hmm.  I thought used to make stuff available to the world via
FTP.  Have you dropped that, or am I hallucinating in thinking it was ever
the case, or what?

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