A stored collection piece is a Schrodinger's cat

Terry Stewart terry at webweavers.co.nz
Sat Nov 28 14:05:20 CST 2015

>I see a big problem with this flowchart, the path on the far right does
not exist, please delete it and then the flowchart will be believable.
>I do think there are not nearly enough arrows pointing upwards

LOL Rob, Mark.

>Today it's all going to come together and hopefully the outcome will be a
>fully working PET4032 and an extra diagnostic tool to add to the
>Of course we all know something ELSE unexpected will happen.

Yes, I love the case design of the PET.  It looks just so retro and '80s
futuristic if you get my meaning...

I designed that tounge-in-cheek flowchart as a kind of catharsis having
just spent the last three weeks, firstly fixing my Apple II+ which was a
non-starter on checking (a faulty F8 ROM in that case) then followed by the
next unit I tested, whose 74LS500 in the video circuit failed after about 5
mins.  I'm almost afraid to turn on any more...but then...Schrodinger's cat
and all that.   I need to know!

Terry (Tez)

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